EnviroServ helps learners take pride in their appearance
2024 / 02 / 27
A total of 205 school children from 41 schools around the country will receive much-needed school uniforms from EnviroServ in 2024 - 80 from Gqeberha, 80 in Etwatwa and 45 from schools in and around Phomolong.
EnviroServ Year End Message
2023 / 12 / 07
It is time to take stock of the past 12 months, ahead of a pause and reset for the start of a new year.
Living Up to Promises: Embracing Responsible Care
2023 / 11 / 14
EnviroServ is a proud signatory of the Chemical and Allied Industries Association’s (CAIA) Responsible Care programme, the industry’s voluntary programme that helps raise standards and grow public trust in the chemicals handling sector.
Celebrating safety in National Transport Month
2023 / 10 / 02
As the leading waste management company in South Africa, EnviroServ assists many companies in completing their annual maintenance shutdown projects on time and on budget.
EnviroServ runs annual plant shutdowns on time and on budget
2023 / 09 / 21
As the leading waste management company in South Africa, EnviroServ assists many companies in completing their annual maintenance shutdown projects on time and on budget.
Enviroserv Client Newsletter - August 2023
2023 / 08 / 31
During August, which is Woman's Month in South Africa, we celebrated all of the ladies within EnviroServ who work tirelessly to help us Raise the Waste Game. In this month’s newsletter we asked a few of our female colleagues some questions about women in business and who their favourite female leaders are. Get to know them a little more closely with these profiles:
EnviroServ helps reduce organic waste to landfill
2023 / 08 / 03
While the number of people around the world living in poverty who do not have access to basic food rises each year, so too does the amount of food which goes to waste.
A run for Mandela Day
2023 / 08 / 02
By Zingisa Mabangula
A chilly, rainy day in Nelson Mandela Bay did not young and old from flocking to Vulumzi Senior Secondary School in honour of Mandela Day to participate in a 5km run.
Plastic free july
2023 / 07 / 31
EnviroServ helps customers reduce plastic waste to landfill.

July may be the month where there is a focus on reducing plastic waste at home and at work, but EnviroServ helps our customers wage war on plastic daily. .
EnviroServ Eastern Cape recognised for excellence
2023 / 07 / 24
EnviroServ’s Nelson Mandela Bay operations collected silverware at the Business Excellence Awards on July 24 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Gqeberha.
Achieving zero waste to landfill through compliant onsite waste management
2023 / 07 / 18
The increasing commitment of companies to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill goals has created a greater need for alternative landfill solutions. However, implementing this can be challenging and costly without sacrificing environmental compliance.
Working together to build a positive health and safety culture
2023 / 07 / 10
Common risks at landfill facilities worldwide include fires and interaction between people and machinery. EnviroServ has an excellent health and safety record and is always looking to better this, says Greg Alborough, EnviroServ’s Group Risk Manager.
Be an agent for environmental change this National Environment Month
2023 / 06 / 26
The world generates almost four million tonnes of waste a day – ten times more than we did 100 years ago. Future generations will be affected by the choices we make today.
Collaborating for a sustainable future
2023 / 06 / 22
By Zingisa Mabangula
The Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality is in the grip of a prolonged drought which has disrupted life for residents, who are compelled to find innovative ways adapt, and EnviroServ Waste Management has joined arms with partners to seek solutions.
EnviroServ triumphs at awards
2023 / 06 / 20
EnviroServ has been recognised in the Western Cape Provincial Survey Business Excellence Awards, after the completion of their annual regional survey.
Sharing knowledge with industry players
2023 / 06 / 20
The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa’s central branch committee held site visits to Mpact’s Springs Mill and EnviroServ’s Holfontein Waste Management Facility on Wednesday, 14 June 2023. This was in an effort to have players within the waste industry share knowledge and expertise.
Taking EnviroServ to the people
2023 / 06 / 20
On Friday 16 June 2023, Etwatwa Ward 109’s economic development sector hosted a public market day to showcase some of the products and services which can be procured within the bustling township. No less than 12 businesses within the Ward marketed their services to over 300 people who attended.
EnviroServ empowers youth through education and training
2023 / 06 / 15
June is Youth Month in South Africa and EnviroServ Waste Management is opening doors for 65 unemployed youth, giving them training to equip them with skills which will help make them more employable.
Compliant Waste Management for Mining's Environmental Impact
2023 / 06 / 08
South Africa is the continent’s leading mining producer, extracting and processing of mineral resources including coal, chrome, iron ore and diamonds.
EnviroServ can handle safe disposal of solar panel e-waste
2023 / 06 / 08
While solar panels are a convenient way to generate renewable energy, they contain hazardous chemicals which mean they cannot be disposed of with regular household waste when they reach their end of life.
Dealing with disposal of expired chemicals and pesticides
2023 / 05 / 30
Management of pesticide waste is a global problem, and disposal of these substances, used to kill, repel, or control forms of plant or animal life considered to be pests, is legislated.
Knowledge sharing with communities
2023 / 05 / 10
Skills development is a big part of EnviroServ’s interaction with communities around its areas of operation. Over the years, the company has demonstrated its unequivocal commitment to sharing its knowledge, expertise and resources for the empowerment of local community stakeholders.
International Compost Awareness Week
2023 / 05 / 03
Compost, sometimes called ‘black gold’, consists of decomposed organic matter that enhances the soil with nutrients and microbes. International Compost Awareness Week, held annually during the first week of May, is marked to remind people, businesses, municipalities and organisations about the importance of organics recycling and compost use.
International Mother Earth Day
2023 / 04 / 22
The United Nations has proclaimed 22 April as International Mother Earth Day – a pertinent reminder that the Earth and its ecosystems provide its inhabitants with life and sustenance.
Supporting small business
2023 / 04 / 03
Just over three years ago, a local, Nomkhiso Ntinga of Imvelo Bloomings was awarded the grass cutting contract at EnviroServ’s Shongweni waste management facility. In the ensuing years, she has offered a great service, ensuring her employees’ work is representative of her brand. The site team is pleased with her service and approach to her work.
Opening doors for budding entrepreneurs
2023 / 03 / 23
EnviroServ is committed to uplifting the communities around our facilities, something the company does in a number of different ways.
World Recycle Day
2023 / 03 / 18
Contribute to World Recycling Day with on-site waste management
Clothing school learners to give them a head start
2023 / 03 / 02
Eighty learners at 16 schools in Nelson Mandela Bay have received full uniforms from the Alex Matikinca Dress a Learner programme, run by EnviroServ Waste Management.
EnviroServ Triumphs in provincial Excellence Survey
2023 / 02 / 17
EnviroServ triumphs in Provincial Excellence Survey
The future looks promising
2023 / 02 / 15
5 February 2023 was a day full of smiles, pride and joy in Motherwell, Eastern Cape. Residents of Ward 59, one of the wards adjacent to the Aloes landfill site honoured and celebrated the achievements of the matric class of 2022. The celebratory event was held at Khulile Primary School.
Etwatwa NGO marks World Wetlands Day
2023 / 02 / 09
from left. Mr. Nkambule (Wetland Practitioner), Mr. Ndlamlenze (Educator form Quantum Senior Secondary School), Mr. Kopayi (EWM Partners invited in the day’s activities included EnviroServ, government departments such as GDARD , local community stakeholders including Ward Councillor, Cllr Madihlaba and 3 local schools (Quantum Senior Secondary School, Sazakhele Primary school and W.J.
Help save our wetlands
2023 / 02 / 02
More than 35% of natural wetlands have been lost in the past 50 years – this is three times faster than forests. Today is World Wetlands Day, when our choices, voices and actions are called upon annually in a bid to trigger a restoration trend.
EnviroServ joins Organics Recycling Association of South Africa
2023 / 01 / 30
EnviroServ has joined the Organics Recycling Association of South Africa (ORASA) as they attempt to unite and grow the country’s organics recycling industry.
Living up to our promises with Responsible Care
2023 / 01 / 25
Living up to our promises with Responsible Care
Dear Customers
2022 / 12 / 13
Dear Customers, What a year! Certainly, a successful and productive one for EnviroServ, culminating in our acquisition by our new shareholders SUEZ, Royal Bafokeng Holdings and African Infrastructure Investment Managers.
EnviroServ proudly represented at WasteCon
2022 / 11 / 18
EnviroServ put on a strong show at this year’s WasteCon, an essential event on the Institute of Waste Management of South Africa’s calendar.
Suez and Partners Complete Enviroserv Acquisition
2022 / 10 / 06
Cape Town, 5 October 2022. On 30th September 2022, SUEZ together with Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH) and African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) completed the acquisition of EnviroServ Proprietary Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“EnviroServ”) after having received the approval of the local antitrust authorities, in accordance with the terms announced on 9th June 2022.
Proudly South Africa Heritage Month.
2022 / 10 / 06
EnviroServ was founded by entrepreneurs who saw a gap in the market. More than 40 years later, we service government and the private sector in all nine provinces of South Africa and operate on the continent.
Upskilling women to break the glass ceiling
2022 / 09 / 01
Learning and Development is a key component in addressing and promoting gender equality to ensure that women have access to opportunities to affirm their role and contribution in all spheres of society including the workplace.
Diverting e-waste from landfill
2022 / 06 / 08
In our drive to help our customers join the circular economy, EnviroServ is constantly seeking alternative solutions to landfill for your waste.
Motivating and educating staff at EnviroServ sales conference
2022 / 06 / 08
Motivating and educating staff at EnviroServ sales conference .
A Welcome Line In The Sand
2022 / 04 / 01
When it comes to keeping business compiliant in the wake of unforeseen incidents, and experienced partner.
 Vulumzi Senior Secondary honours top teachers, learners
2022 / 03 / 09
Vulumzi Senior Secondary honours top teachers, learners }
EnviroServ’s Dress a Learner Programme clothes Gqeberha learners
2022 / 03 / 02
EnviroServ’s Dress a Learner Programme clothes Gqeberha learners.
Asiberegeni Co-operatives upcycles plastic waste from EnviroServ customer
2022 / 02 / 28
Asiberegeni Co-operatives upcycles plastic waste from EnviroServ customer.
Dean Thompson CEO of EnviroServ Waste Management
2022 / 01 / 21
Dean Thompson CEO of EnviroServ Waste Management featured in the
2021 / 12 / 10
Dear valued customers, we have finally reached the time for a collective pause, rest and reset.
2021 / 11 / 11
EnviroServ can provide support with remediation projects that include removal of contaminated soil as a waste and transport of this material to a compliant landfill site where any required treatment is applied prior to disposal.
EnviroServ awarded ISO 45001 certification
2021 / 11 / 09
EnviroServ Waste Management has successfully transitioned to the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 45001:2018 from the former British Standard Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001.
Minimising waste to landfill with innovative sand to bricks conversion
2021 / 09 / 23
When it comes to keeping businesses compliant in the wake of unforeseen incidents, anything from chemical spills and pollution related incidents to minor industrial spills, calamities such as industrial fires, and breaches of storage vessels and dams, EnviroServ has the expertise to assist.
2021 / 09 / 13
When it comes to keeping businesses compliant in the wake of unforeseen incidents, anything from chemical spills and pollution related incidents to minor industrial spills, calamities such as industrial fires, and breaches of storage vessels and dams, EnviroServ has the expertise to assist.
Celebrating Mandela Month with a security handover
2021 / 08 / 16
While EnviroServ does good on a daily basis, we take this month in particular to highlight some of our efforts towards building a better South Africa.
EnviroServ HazTech: Your Partner in Industrial Vacuuming
2021 / 08 / 11
From large factories to small workshops, industrial vacuuming can be an essential requirement.
Protect the environment by recycling batteries
2021 / 07 / 22
The worldwide demand for batteries is ever-increasing and proper recycling of the valuable metals and other materials that can be recovered, processed, and reused from them, is important for environmental health.
Let EnviroServ’s hazardous waste technicians handle your asbestos removal
2021 / 07 / 13
The negative human health effects of asbestos exposure are well documented, causing cancer and other diseases including mesothelioma and asbestosis.
EnviroServ’s industrial cleaning services
2021 / 07 / 08
Whether you need a sump de-sludged or a permanent on-site industrial cleaning service, this specialised business unit of EnviroServ provides industrial cleaning services to both large and small clients.
How your company can support the circular economy
2021 / 06 / 23
Food waste or food loss refers to food intended for human consumption which is discarded without being eaten, where organic waste generally refers to biodegradable, compostable waste from homes, businesses, institutions, and industrial sources. Examples include food scraps, yard and garden trimmings, food-soiled paper products and biosolids.
Food and organic waste in the circular economy
2021 / 05 / 26
Food waste or food loss refers to food intended for human consumption which is discarded without being eaten, where organic waste generally refers to biodegradable, compostable waste from homes, businesses, institutions, and industrial sources. Examples include food scraps, yard and garden trimmings, food-soiled paper products and biosolids.
Managing landfills to maintain a clean environment
2021 / 05 / 17
EnviroServ Waste Management operates 13 hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities in South Africa and Africa.
Technical waste management support
2021 / 05 / 07
EnviroServ’s accredited state of laboratory was established in the early 1990s, the first waste analytical laboratory in South Africa to receive SANAS accreditation, offering expert advice to our customers about testing and handling their hazardous waste materials, and assisting in the analysis and classification of waste.
Waste Recycling and On-site Waste Management
2021 / 04 / 22
From factories to office blocks, shopping malls to hospitals, waste minimisation through reduction, re-use and recycling should now be an essential part of all business operations as South Africa moves towards a circular economy.
Spill containment with EnviroServ’s absorbent product range
2021 / 04 / 13
Spills occur in many industries which EnviroServ Waste Management services. When dealing with hazardous materials spills, the containment phase is a critical part of incident management, as the threat to life and property are high.
EnviroServ gives back to our communities with Dress a Learner programme
2021 / 03 / 31
Since 2014, EnviroServ’s Dress a Learner programme has clothed more than 3 000 needy learners in the communities around our operations.
Fluorescent tube waste has an important place in the circular economy
2021 / 03 / 26
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and fluorescent tubes are found everywhere – from households, factories, roads, schools, hospitals, stadiums, hotels and vehicles, to torches and chicken hatcheries – the list is endless.
World Water Day
2021 / 03 / 22
World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March to focus on the importance of freshwater, and this year the theme is “valuing water”.
Plastic recycling in Gauteng
2021 / 02 / 23
Currently we have solutions for 87 different types of plastic, and in Gauteng alone, diverted around 3500 tons of plastic last year with the help of 16 plastic recyclers.
EnviroServ joins government efforts to support circular economy
2021 / 02 / 23
South Africa’s Cabinet has approved the National Waste Management Strategy 2020, which will see policy and strategy supporting the circular economy concept.
Greetings this festive season
2020 / 12 / 18
After a year of unprecedented times, the festive season is finally upon us. EnviroServ operations, excluding critical operations, will be closed from Thursday 24 December 2020 to Friday 1 January 2021.
EnviroServ helps to grow a Port Elizabeth recycling business
2020 / 10 / 28
EnviroServ Waste Management has assisted the Khulanathi Buy Back Centre in Port Elizabeth with equipment and funding to further the community based depot where waste collectors can sell recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, cans and glass to recycling companies.
EnviroServ staff take environmental action for World Clean-Up Day
2020 / 10 / 02
On September 19, the world marked an annual global social action programme aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including that of marine debris.
Holfontein food garden feeds the community
2020 / 08 / 20
The Holfontein community adjacent to the Holfontein landfill site has always been a reminder of how much work our government still has to do to address societal imbalances.
EnviroServ feeding the hungry in times of Covid-19
2020 / 08 / 20
The impact of the pandemic on ordinary South Africans is immeasurable. Small businesses have suffered and those that are still in existence continue to suffer, barely meeting targets.
EnviroServ wins at the 2020 Oliver Top Empowerment Awards
2020 / 08 / 18
EnviroServ was honoured at the 2020 Oliver Top Empowerment Awardson Thursday, 23 July, winning the Top Empowered Company: Education and Skills Development Award.
Enter the IWMSA's Central Branch Waste Management Awards
2020 / 08 / 04
The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa has launched its Central Branch Waste Management Awards and they are looking for clean, green organisations who take pride in going the extra mile for the environment.
EnviroServ commissions micro encapsulation plant to comply with legislation
2020 / 07 / 20
New legislation developed in recent years to further minimise the impacts associated with the disposal of waste to landfill got the waste management experts at EnviroServ to put their thinking caps on.
EnviroServ assists with dough waste solution
2020 / 06 / 23
Food waste is a global problem, and for the food industry, wastage can be the difference between profit and loss.
Offering contaminated Covid-19 waste disposal
2020 / 05 / 28
With more businesses back in operation under Level 4 of the government’s Risk Adjusted Strategy for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
The EnviroServ COVID-19 task team
2020 / 04 / 30
As we heard from President Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African Cabinet has declared a national state of disaster and put drastic measures in place to arrest the scale and speed at which coronavirus (COVID-19) is growing, to protect people from infections and minimise the potential impact on society and business.
Educational partnerships that yield results
2020 / 02 / 03
EnviroServ believes that to change our beautiful country for the better, we all need to play our part and have rolled up our sleeves to make a difference to the quality of education in the country’s public schools.
40 Years of Leadership: Celebrating Our Business Milestone
2019 / 10 / 01
We started out in 1979 as a small door-to-door waste company called Wade Refuse, with just 20 employees. It might have been a small company, but it was one with big ideas, and even bigger goals.
Ban on liquid waste, as well as hazardous waste
2019 / 09 / 01
As of August 23, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries has placed a ban on liquid waste, as well as hazardous waste with a calorific value of more than 20 MJ/kg, from landfill disposal.
This year marked the 10th anniversary of Mandela Day
2019 / 07 / 01
- an opportunity for each of us to live out the values that our great former president championed throughout his remarkable life, by giving up 67 minutes of our own time to make the world a better place.
EnviroServ's Innovative Soil Hospital Solution
2019 / 06 / 01
With increasing numbers of our clients looking for zero to waste landfill alternatives, one of our innovative teams has developed a bio-remediation ‘soil hospital’ technology.
EnviroServ helps Intuthuko sewing ladies take South Africa to the world
2019 / 05 / 01
EnviroServ has assisted seven ladies from the Daveyton and Etwatwa townships with the opportunity to showcase their sewing work to the world at an Italian art conference.
Aalwynhoek Composting Facility in Uitenhage
2019 / 04 / 01
EnviroServ composting facility assists with zero waste to landfill goals.
Keeping kids in school through uniforms
2019 / 03 / 01
In response to community stakeholder concerns that learners were staying absent from school due to a lack of school uniforms, EnviroServ launched the Dress a Learner programme in 2013.
EnviroServ's New E-Waste Service
2019 / 02 / 01
EnviroServ has become a one-stop-shop, offering both waste and e-waste services to assist companies throughout South Africa with compliant asset disposal of all end-ofterm IT and electronic equipment.



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