EnviroServ Waste Management offers industry leading knowledge of pollution preventative products, containment concepts and cleanup solutions. Our focus is to reduce environmental risk and walk our customers through the applicable waste legislations to ensure total legal compliance. The result of extensive research and development is a complete product range matching international standards of spill containment and cleanup solutions.


To best limit environmental damage and risk, it is crucial for customers to contain spills until our Hazmat response team arrives on site. To facilitate this, our experienced consultants will conduct onsite risk assessments and offer the most appropriate solutions, which may include customised spill kits such as site and mobile units. We also conduct frequent audits and prepare reports to ensure that customers are always adequately prepared and equipped to respond to a spill. Although we aim to make our products as easy to use as possible, spill control remains a specialised skill. For this reason, we offer training of the highest standard to ensure that our customers are well prepared to contain, re-route or, if need be, clean up a spill.

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