The long journey from the mining of iron ores to the production of finished ferrous and non-ferrous metals generates a variety of often hazardous solid, gaseous, and liquid wastes in considerable quantities. Of primary concern are heavy metals, cyanides, acids / alkalis, solvents, and metal slags.

In the context of waste management, however, the metallurgical industry has benefited from the fact that spiraling costs for steel production, in particular, have caused the industry to become one of the best recyclers of raw and finished products. For instance, upwards of 90% of steel manufactured today has some recycled component.

In a knock on effect, waste management has become much more streamlined, resulting in waste being diverted from landfill and the release of effluent and dust to the environment being reduced.


The objective of all innovations is to create closed material flow cycles wherever possible and remedy weak points in technological processes while keeping producer costs within profitable ranges.

Specifically, waste management innovations are focused on keeping costs down by lowering consumption of raw materials and, where possible, eliminating the cost of handling and disposal. 

This plays directly into initiatives focused on minimising the generation of dust through improved processes and material handling and the adoption of clean technologies. 

Even so, protection of the environment is an evolving discipline, with new technologies, processes, and legislation being introduced all the time. It’s not always easy to keep up.

Maximising the recycling of waste at every stage of the production process; and converting the waste, through suitable treatment, into a revenue generating by-product.

Based on our more than thirty years of helping the metallurgical industry manage its waste, we know that keeping your approach flexible keeps your options open, especially as compliance becomes more complex.

An ideal situation, of course, is to turn as much of your waste as possible into revenue streams. This requires a specialist approach, steeped in knowledge of markets and environmental trends. We have built up expertise in this area, based on our deep experience across multiple industries in multiple geographies. We are also innovators by nature and are used to creating unique solutions for individual customers.


If generating new revenue is not an option yet (because markets and technologies change all the time), then we can help you cherry pick from our services and solutions a combination of waste management options that will suit your budget, your current operations, and your reputational needs. Or, you could choose to outsource all your waste management to us, improving your bottom line to the substantial extent to which our economies of scale and specialisations will enable you to cut costs, improve efficiencies, and transform what is currently a cost centre for you into a strategic contributor to the business.

If you would like to find out what options are available for your organisation, please contact our Customer Care Line on 0800 192 783 for South African enquiries and click here for the contact details for enquiries across Sub-Saharan Africa.