Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas


The wastes produced by petrochemical production processes are by large, hazardous.

There is, therefore, a high level of expertise required for appropriate, environmentally positive management of wastes such as redundant raw materials, wax emulsions, separator sludges, TEL sludges, spent caustic, spent catalysts, oil and water, crude oil sludge, contaminated soil (hydrocarbon), filter cake, clay filter, grit, effluent waste, hydrocarbons (liquids/sludge), sewerage sludge, refractory bricks, spent coke, contaminated ceramics, laboratory waste, asbestos, salt contaminated with kerosene, sulphur (solid), bitumen/asphalt, acids, and a range of chemicals.

An additional complicating factor is legislation which is, generally, based on international best practice but can also have additional local requirements. With legislation continuously changing to take account of new waste management approaches triggered by new technologies and new ways of thinking about reuse and recycling, petrochemical organisations often need objective guidance from waste management specialists who understand how best to integrate waste management and environmental practices to give both the planet and the organisation the best possible options.

In addition, petrochemical operations don’t produce waste based only on their particular market offering. 

There is all the general waste associated with running a business, some of which, such as lighting, electronic equipment, and printer ink is hazardous, and some of which can be safely disposed of in landfill.

Taking care of all the waste management activities needed to ensure that a petrochemical company is both profitable and a benefactor of the planet can be onerous when done in-house. By the same token, the other option of handing all or part of such immense responsibility to an external waste management provider means being able to trust that the provider has the experience, the equipment, the innovation capacities, and the integrity to treat your waste as their own.



Track record is your key to deciding on a provider. We’ve been helping petrochemical companies stay current and compliant with waste management for more than thirty eight years, using a range of products and services to do so.

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