Creating healthy animal feed from waste by-products

Minimising waste to landfill 

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise


EnviroServ successfully diverts brewery by-products, such as wet spent grains, yeast and malt dust, away from landfill by supplying it to farmers to feed their dairy cows and heifers. The by-products are high in protein, contributing to a balanced and nutritional feed for these animals.

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The grain and yeast mix is balanced with the animal’s grass rations, so that farmers can supplement without losing milk production and helping to increase their margin per hectare.

Brewer’s grain has the same protein content as Lucerne, at a fraction of price. The grain and yeast mixture added to the fodder increases milk production by up to 15% per cow, per day. So consistency is important - the farmers are depending on EnviroServ’s logistics to deliver.

Specialised vessels are kept on-site at SAB and filled daily with spent yeast. The rapid and timely removal of these products is of utmost importance to avoid plant stoppages as well as ensuring delivery to the farmers during the usable lifespan of the products.

Each farmer requires different volumes based on feed mix and animal range, which is decanted by EnviroServ into dedicated tanks on each farm.


One of EnviroServ’s customers who has been using the grain for the past few years says: “The grain and yeast mix balances the ration well with grass, so farmers can supplement without losing milk production per cow and therefore, provided the price of grain stays competitive, we can increase our margin per hectare.” The farmers save money, increase their milk rations and at the same time, waste is diverted from landfill, saving the environment.


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Pledge & Values

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