Power Generation

Power Generation


The power generation industry is under tight scrutiny as the world focuses on reducing greenhouse gases. For the established fossil fuel energy industry, the move to power generation by renewable means is putting it under enormous cost and reputational pressure.

For renewable energy suppliers, the big issue is providing sufficient return on investment in short enough periods of time to prove that renewable energy belongs in the mainstream and isn’t simply a useful alternative.

Either way, the power generation sector is in a state of operational flux, with a knock-on effect on waste management.

New technologies and new approaches are making it possible for the conventional part of the sector to find new revenue streams by reusing and recycling waste and also reduce waste handling costs.

Until these new options kick in, however, there is still a need to handle current generation of wastes such as coal ash, PCB’s, transformer oil, and hazardous materials.

At the same time, the renewables portion of the industry is having to come to grips with the new waste streams it is triggering. The renewable energy being produced may be clean, but the manufacture of products such as photovoltaic cells and wind turbines still creates a carbon footprint. Because the industry is so new, however, best practice in terms of disposing of renewable energy product waste is in an evolutionary phase.

For many players in the power generation sector, therefore, whether they are producers or offtakers, there is a bewildering array of waste management obligations and options through which they have to navigate in order to simultaneously maintain compliance and profit. In cases where an organisation is in the public sector, effective and affordable service delivery replaces profit as a major consideration. In all cases, however, good waste management has the potential to improve performance overall and free up funds for investment in more up to date power generation technologies and methodologies that will make the organisation sustainable.


We have been helping organisations in the power generation sector manage their waste for more than thirty eight years. In the process, we have developed unmatched expertise, products, and services in the sector, making us more than a business partner. We are a trusted advisor for all our clients.

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