Hazardous waste services within the automotive industry

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise


There is an increased environmental awareness and growing need within the automotive industry to reduce waste volumes, recycle and manage waste responsibly. EnviroServ’s work therefore has a positive impact on the environment and the people.


The industry has looked to waste management providers for more affordable waste management rates. To remain competitive, the automotive industry needed to reduce its volume of waste going to landfill. Like most industries, the automotive industry is also under pressure to support government’s calls to reduce waste volumes going to landfill. It has set its own target for achieving zero waste to landfill.


EnviroServ recognised the need for alternatives and implemented a systematic approach to reduce and re-use the waste generated by the industry.  A few examples of the solutions we provide are:

    • EnviroServ took over the management and treatment of the oil and water waste, an area costing the company in terms of time and resources. EnviroServ diverts almost three times the volumes of liquid Ford Motor Company  generates through its treatment plant resulting in eliminating the need to treat their waste on site. Not only is this a great saving for the client but has radically reduced volumes going to landfill. Ford is indeed well on its way towards achieving “zero waste to landfill”.    

    • Onsite waste management contract for the past 3 years resulting in a reduction of their general waste loads per month. This not only had a huge reduction on disposal cost to landfill, but it has led to a continuous increase on their recyclable volumes.
    • Current trials are underway for the dewatering of paint sludge which should lead to a 30-40% reduction in landfill volumes.   Plascon is happy as this will assist them in their continuous efforts to reduce volumes of waste to landfill as well as reaching their ultimate target of “zero waste to landfill”



EnviroServ has assisted companies in the automotive industry to manage their waste effectively for more than three decades. The company understands the many social, operational, environmental, and regulatory impediments to an ideal waste management solution. EnviroServ partners with customers, enabling them to decide on, and implement the best waste management solution for their circumstances. The solutions offered are practical and have no negative impact on the environment.

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Pledge & Values

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