We’ve helped automotive companies of all sizes manage their waste effectively for more than four decades. We understand there are many social, operational, environmental, and regulatory impediments to an ideal waste management solution.

At the same time, we know from experience that there is always something that can be improved upon. We partner with our customers, enabling them to decide on and implement the best waste management solution for their circumstances.

We offer services that take the management burden off your shoulders and products that simplify waste management on your own premises.

The majority of wastes generated in the industry are machine lubricants and coolants, aqueous and solvent based cleaning systems, paint, and scrap metals and plastics. Hazardous cleaning materials are common. In addition, office and warehousing wastes, such as paper, printer cartridges, pallets, and packing materials, also create handling issues.

By looking at waste management holistically, your organisation benefits financially and society benefits environmentally. Process improvements such as fewer offcuts and rejects reduce the cost of purchasing raw materials.

Reviewing purchasing practices or using recycled or non-composite materials that can be separated or recycled minimises waste treatment and disposal costs and reduces long term liabilities. Promoting your socially and environmentally responsible behaviour and creating a safer and more comfortable workplace builds your brand, expands your market, and makes you more sustainable. It’s an approach that calls for change in your organisation. A change in mindset and in operations is often required. Stakeholders need education on what you’re changing and why.

It’s all achievable if you have a plan based on an assessment of your waste streams and an upfront decision on where in the waste hierarchy (avoid; reduce; reuse; recycle; and dispose) you want to be.

If you would like to find out about options for your organisation, please contact our Customer Care Line on 0800 192 783 for South African enquiries and click here for the contact details for enquiries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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