In an industry like waste management, legislation plays a crucial role in ensuring that standards are universally applied across industries and companies and give the public assurance that their best health, safety, and environmental interests are served, at least at basic levels.

However, legislation often lags the evolution of industries. The information and communications technology (ICT) industry is a good example. Its rapid development and evolution of devices and the sheer volume of production have resulted in unprecedented waste streams with which legislation has yet to catch up.

In such instances, the waste management industry must apply its own research and expertise in addressing waste issues not yet covered by legislation – and in setting the bar for good practice generally.

EnviroServ’s more than 38 years’ experience across all industries and geographic regions gives us a superior ability to offer risk mitigation strategies and best practice standards that keep our customers ahead of the waste management curve. Basic solutions are sometimes necessary, particularly when cost is limiting factor. Doing something is often better than doing nothing. Wherever possible, though, we try to future proof the solutions we provide to our customers. We think ahead on behalf of our customers with the specific purpose of extending the lifecycle of their waste management capabilities, sweating their waste management assets, and enhancing the value of their investment in waste management activities.

Some customers choose to outsource their waste management to us. Others use portions of our overall offering, while accepting our guidance for their internal waste management activities.

Whichever path you choose, we still take responsibility for ensuring that your organisation has the most appropriate waste management solution for its needs, including its compliance obligations.

In order to achieve this, we have established a comprehensive range of services, products and solutions that can be tailored to suit an individual industry’s needs.

All of this is best achieved through the development and implementation of a waste management plan and EnviroServ is ideally placed to help organisations create such plans