Textile, Leather and Wood

Textile, Leather and Wood



EnviroServ has four decades of experience in helping textile producers and marketers manage their waste, so we know there is always something more one can do to reduce waste streams, as well as managing them in more environmentally-efficient ways. We help our customers optimise their systems, creating greater efficiencies and cutting costs. And, where, feasible, introduce new technology, or even just a fresh approach, which can be financially rewarding. We provide guidance and advice that will get you to an optimal waste management situation that includes compliance with all relevant legislation.

Or, if you’d rather focus on what you do best, as a producer, you can outsource your waste management obligations to us. We have the premises, technology, and expertise to give you all the benefits of economies of scale..

We are innovators by nature and not only stay abreast of global best practice, but blaze trails ourselves in applying best practice to the specific needs of our customers. In other words, we do the learning so you don’t have to..

If you would like to find out about options for your organisation, please contact our Customer Care Line on 0800 192 783 for South African enquiries and click here for the contact details for enquiries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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