Chemical and Related


New ways of legal, safe, and economically effective forms of disposal of often large quantities of hazardous waste generated by the chemical industry are being continuously explored.

The preferred model in the industry at the moment is being able to produce without pollution, with waste minimisation underpinning that strategy.

In our experience, the areas most urgently in need of being aligned with the strategy are:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Physical unit operations
  • Chemical treatment
  • Biological treatment
  • Wastewater sewer systems
  • Sewage treatment
  • Solid waste treatment and disposal.

The types of waste that we believe should receive priority focus include but are not limited to:

  • Spent solvents
  • Unused reagents
  • Reaction products
  • Testing samples
  • Contaminated residues.

Clearly, each organisation in the chemical sector has its own unique waste management requirements. But, we have found during decades of work in this industry that there are some basics that always need addressing.

Choosing the right storage container, for instance, is imperative. Glass, plastic-coated glass, or other re-used reagent chemical bottles should not be used to store or accumulate bulk liquid chemical waste. 

By the same token, Nalgene containers should not be used to store amyl chloride, bromine, butyric acid, carbon disulfide, nitrobenzine, thionyl chloride, or vinylidene chloride.

Chemicals that are no longer needed, old, out of date, or unusable should be removed from operational or storage areas.

Solid waste that has been in contact with chemicals should be handled according to your own company’s protocols which should, in turn, be informed by legislation and industry best practice.

Labelling of all chemicals, gas cylinders, and chemical waste is essential. It seems an obvious thing to do, but many companies simply don’t enforce labelling or track it and it costs them money and credibility.

No chemicals company can side step these basics. But, once these are in place, storage and disposal can be outsourced to a services provider like us. We can also help you set up and monitor your internal protocols and will do an upfront assessment of your waste management needs to help you reduce your waste management costs and effort.

We have a range of services, products, and solutions for the chemicals industry, developed during decades of best practice work in the sector.

If you would like to find out what options are available for your organisation, please contact our Customer Care Line on 0800 192 783 for South African enquiries and click here for the contact details for enquiries across Sub- Saharan Africa​.