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Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise


Having a zero waste to landfill strategic focus ensures that as a company, you optimise your operation’s materials value, minimise your overall environmental footprint, and develop the potential for additional revenue streams from recycled or recovered waste.

Afripack, a leading name in the South African flexible packaging industry, partnered with EnviroServ in a quest to reach their zero waste to landfill goals.


With several tons of recyclable, general and hazardous waste produced by Afripack monthly, it was recognised that the revenue generated on recyclables was not covering the company’s waste management costs. A need to increase the volume of waste being recycled versus waste sent to landfill was identified.


To provide a successful solution, EnviroServ obtained an in-depth understanding of Afripack’s operation by studying the monthly average of waste generated, spending time on site to assess waste generation points and investigate possible waste reduction measures. EnviroServ’s 40 years plus of industry knowledge and experience enabled the company to source and negotiate recyclable rebates to achieve the maximum benefit to the client based on waste volumes.


There are many benefits of outsourcing waste management from your own premises to EnviroServ, where our over 40 years of experience and knowledge coupled with our economies of scale will benefit your bottom line.

We partner with our customers, enabling them to decide on and implement the best waste management solution for their circumstances. These solutions we offer are practical and have no negative impact on the environment. EnviroServ is concerned with customers’ reputations and will, through responsible waste management assist them with complying with legislation. 

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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