EnviroServ commissions micro encapsulation plant to comply with legislation 



EnviroServ unveiled their new micro encapsulation plant that complies with new government legislation at the Holfontein Waste Management Facility in Gauteng, in 2020. The plant produces an immobile solid that complies with the Norms and Standards for Landfill Disposal.


The prohibition on the disposal of high moisture content waste to landfill came into effect in August 2019. To treat these materials and turn them into immobile solids, EnviroServ started trailing various options, thereby minimising the impacts associated with the disposal of waste to landfill.


EnviroServ built a micro encapsulation plant to produce immovable solids which complied with the Landfill Disposal standards. The process starts by obtaining a waste sample from a customer and analysing it in our in-house laboratory. Here, a unique recipe is developed to treat the moisture content in the waste by converting the waste into an immobile solid that complies with new legislation.

Power station ash is a primary ingredient used in the blending process, with other registered additives, it absorbs the moisture and creates a stabilised and solidified waste material. Front end loaders load the ash into feed bins and conveyer belts control the rate at which the ash is added into the mix. The ash and other additives are mixed with the high moisture waste in the feed hopper. The combination drops down into the pugmill, which then mixes the materials into a slurry. Cement and lime are added to the mix and aid absorption and immobilisation of salts and moisture in the waste. The discharged stabilised waste is loaded onto trucks and transported to the landfill cell for disposal.


The plant is capable of treating approximately 1000m³ of waste per day. Any business that produces high moisture or salt content wastes is no longer suitable for traditional landfill disposal. This includes industries such as petrochemical, metallurgical and water treatment facilities. They can now utilise the micro encapsulation plant, which treats a multitude of problematic wastes.


EnviroServ is proud to embrace the legislation promoting more sustainable and environmentally acceptable waste management practices, and has taken the necessary steps to provide its customers with legally compliant solutions.


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