Technical waste management support
2021 / 05 / 07
EnviroServ’s accredited state of laboratory was established in the early 1990s, the first waste analytical laboratory in South Africa to receive SANAS accreditation, offering expert advice to our customers about testing and handling their hazardous waste materials, and assisting in the analysis and classification of waste.
Waste Recycling and On-site Waste Management
2021 / 04 / 22
From factories to office blocks, shopping malls to hospitals, waste minimisation through reduction, re-use and recycling should now be an essential part of all business operations as South Africa moves towards a circular economy.
Spill containment with EnviroServ’s absorbent product range
2021 / 04 / 13
Spills occur in many industries which EnviroServ Waste Management services. When dealing with hazardous materials spills, the containment phase is a critical part of incident management, as the threat to life and property are high.
EnviroServ gives back to our communities with Dress a Learner programme
2021 / 03 / 31
Since 2014, EnviroServ’s Dress a Learner programme has clothed more than 3 000 needy learners in the communities around our operations.
Fluorescent tube waste has an important place in the circular economy
2021 / 03 / 26
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and fluorescent tubes are found everywhere – from households, factories, roads, schools, hospitals, stadiums, hotels and vehicles, to torches and chicken hatcheries – the list is endless.
World Water Day
2021 / 03 / 22
World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March to focus on the importance of freshwater, and this year the theme is “valuing water”.

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