EnviroServ’s industrial cleaning services

EnviroServ’s industrial cleaning services

2021 / 07 / 08

Whether you need a sump de-sludged or a permanent on-site industrial cleaning service, this specialised business unit of EnviroServ provides industrial cleaning services to both large and small clients.

Industrial cleaning is specialised cleaning services for factories and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, power plants, self-storage buildings, oil rigs and many more. Industrial environments are often highly-trafficked, working around the clock, and industrial cleaning entails performing a thorough, consistent job by a highly trained team of professionals using specialised products which have proven their worth over our years in the business.

Safety and environmental peace of mind are our primary concerns. Our technicians are qualified in closed tank entry, fire-fighting and first aid. We draw up comprehensive Health and Safety Plans including risk assessments for all proposed activities, which are signed off before any work commences. Where work is required as part of a planned shutdown or maintenance cycle, we ensure that all activities are aligned to the client’s timing requirements and coordinated with other contractors who may be conducting work in the same area.

Industries we service

Industrial Cleaning activities

EnviroServ can assist with tank cleaning and preparation for statutory inspection and maintenance, vacuuming and transfer of liquids either for disposal or to the client’s effluent treatment plant, sump cleaning and desludging of wash bays, removal of sludge and liquids from dams, de-sludge and cleaning of sewers, trenches, pits and separators, de-sludge and cleaning of any process equipment, various high-pressure cleaning applications related to the cleaning of surfaces, draining and emptying of silos, driers, absorbers and other vessels. We have extensive experience in slops removal from ships and oil rigs, doing ship and oil rig cleaning as part of maintenance activities or to prepare the ship to take on new cargo. We also handle reactor catalyst unloading / vacuuming.

Disposal of waste residue

Any waste that requires disposal as part of the industrial cleaning activities will be assessed and classified according to the waste regulations. We have our own accredited laboratory which performs the necessary chemical analysis that form part of the assessment and classification process. This provides a more cost-effective classification service to our clients and ensures quick turnaround times. Before any waste is disposed of, it is assessed to see if any or all the material can be recovered, recycled or re-used. Full traceability is provided to ensure that you have peace of mind that all waste is being treated and/or disposed of using compliant operators. 

Benefits of using EnviroServ

With over 40 years’ experience, our staff is well trained and experienced, and we have a track record of projects successfully concluded over many years.

EnviroServ is able to provide a more cost-effective classification of waste service to clients with quick turnaround times, quick reaction times and reduced logistics costs, along with the ability to deliver services outside of South African borders. We are experienced at providing sustained service delivery and ongoing operational support. We facilitate the required documentation for cross border movements of wastes, limiting the administrative burden on the client.

We have the ability to choose and apply the right equipment suited to each type of job and with extensive experience relating to the work required, and will advise the client on the best approach to follow.

With extensive experience meeting SHEQ requirements including that of the many multinationals we serve, all safety and health plans are prepared ahead of any complex work being done. We also provide many of the ancillary services around tank cleaning like industrial vacuuming and disposal of waste residues.

Clients can be assured that occupational Health and Safety standards are upheld during the execution of all jobs. The responsibility for completing the work stays under one umbrella resulting in cradle to grave integrated waste management at the most competitive rates, with expert and focused attention to Industrial Waste Cleaning and Hazmat Services. Our experienced advisors have a consultative approach to selling for customer centric solutions.

EnviroServ operates in many industries and can thus offer industry-relevant customised solutions. We provide peace of mind that the customer’s environmental responsibilities are in the best possible hands with the necessary paperwork provided on invoicing for record keeping purposes.



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