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Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

Part of our industrial cleaning services portfolio, tank cleaning is highly specialised as it often means working in confined spaces. EnviroServ offers both assistance on projects done on a planned basis with significant up-front planning and coordination with the client, as well as that in reaction to unplanned breakdown emergencies. During such events, quick response times and short delivery times are essential.


  • Tank/vessel entry
  • Confined space entry
  • Use of breathing apparatus
  • Gas testing
  • Venting
  • Safety standby and rescue
  • Sludge removal
  • Catalyst removal
  • Removal of wash water
  • Removal of maintenance waste
  • Transportation and disposal of waste
  • Standalone portable vacuum pumps
  • Mobile vacuum trucks
  • Portable sludge pumps
  • Bulk road tanker trucks
  • Portable sludge tanks
  • Manned dozer for mechanized cleaning
  • Track-mounted sludge pump for remote controlled cleaning
  • Supply of personal protective equipment
  • Hazardous material decontamination of personnel and equipment
  • High pressure washing/ water jetting


      The scope of tank cleaning typically involves de-sludging, flushing and HP cleaning of a tanks internal surfaces in preparation for NDT inspection and weld repairs. A turnkey solution to tank cleaning involves tank entry followed by removal, transportation and safe disposal of waste including tank sludge, waste-water and maintenance waste generated throughout the project. Various methods of tank cleaning range from manual labour to methods supported using standalone vacuum pumps, vacuum trucks, pumps and mini-dozers.  Skillful operation and use of these methods are essential for safe and effective execution of a tank cleaning project.

      Cost efficiency and timeline efficiency is achieved using bulk logistics for the transportation of waste sludge.   Our tankers can be pumped or vacuumed into and can carry a payload capacity of up to 30m3. Our mobile vacuum trucks (Super Suckers) are also available in payload capacities ranging from 10m3 to 20m3. In addition to the cleaning of tanks containing liquids and sludges, we are also able to clean vessels of other kinds effectively. Our vacuum units have been used to clean out driers, absorbers, reactor vessels and packed columns and to remove spent catalyst and other solid materials.  Our experience in the South African and southern African regions revealed that customers have varying levels of involvement and we have collaborated effectively with all the downstream oil and gas market players in the region. Compliance with customer-specific site regulations is as important as compliance with legal requirements. Contractor files and safety files are prepared in accordance with relevant legislation and the customer’s health and safety specification.


        • Peace of mind that work is being conducted by competent people with minimum delays
        • Ability to deliver services outside of South African borders
        • Provides many of the ancillary services around tank cleaning like industrial vacuuming and disposal of waste residues
        • The ability to choose and apply the right equipment suited to each type of job and with extensive experience relating to the work required we can advise the client on the best approach to follow
        • Quotes for work required including all safety and occupational health requirements
        • Extensive experience meeting SHEQ requirements including that of the many multinationals we serve, with safety and health plans prepared ahead of any complex work being done

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        Pledge & Values

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