High Pressure Cleaning

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

High Pressure (HP) cleaning is often a source of serious incidents in the industrial environment and is considered a high-risk activity. It therefore takes highly skilled and disciplined staff to complete work without incident, especially when work is done in confined spaces or in elevated positions. EnviroServ strives to deliver cleaned process equipment back into operation in as short a time as possible without compromising on safety or quality.


With equipment capable of various pressures and applications, EnviroServ’s High Pressure capability covers a wide range of industrial waste cleaning solutions, including:

  • Drain and pipeline cleaning
  • Unblocking of sewers or underground piping
  • Washing of internal and external surfaces of process equipment
  • Degreasing of workshop/wash bay floors
  • Surface preparation of tank internal shell, floor and roof
  • Preparatory cleaning of weld seams and other areas for NDT and statutory inspections
  • Non-destructive washing of coated surfaces
  • Cold cutting and abrasive water jetting
  • Descaling of tube bundles (internal lancing and external jetting)
  • Cleaning of road surfaces to remove deposits and spillage
  • Washing of ship vessels, compartments and drill rigs

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