Remediation of Dams and Ponds

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ has specialised skills required to remediate dams and ponds which have a limited lifespan or may become compromised and leak, or need to be emptied so that their liners can be replaced. EnviroServ has extensive experience in emptying and cleaning dams and ponds; whether the contents are liquid or sludge, as well as whether the liner system needs to be removed or not. These types of systems typically require:

  • Skilled labour with the correct PPE to support the operational activities especially where the material to be removed is chemically hazardous
  • Industrial vacuum units like SuperSuckers and pumps to vacuum the material from the site
  • Storage tanks like 10kl Roll On/Roll Off (RoRo) tanks or road tankers for temporary storage ahead of removal from site
  • Decontamination units, to remove hazardous residues from vehicles and equipment to prevent further contamination downstream of operations
  • Equipment to excavate more solid material that cannot be vacuumed
  • Additional logistical requirements like skip trucks, tipper trucks and container bins that may be required to support the project
  • Any size of project can be tackled



Due to their hazardous nature, some projects may need to have biological and environmental monitoring protocols in place for the duration of the project. EnviroServ will help evaluate if and what protocols will be required. EnviroServ keeps rigorous documentation including a daily site diary of site activities that took place, waste manifest/disposal certificates proving proof of disposal, payment certificates; PPE registers as well as the results of any environmental and biological monitory required. Daily photographs of the site operations can be taken as part of the record keeping process. EnviroServ can quote on the full scope of work required, reducing the number of service providers required.


  • Peace of mind that work is being conducted by competent people with minimum delays
  • Ability to deliver services outside of South African borders
  • EnviroServ can provide many of the ancillary services around tank cleaning like industrial vacuuming and disposal of waste residues
  • The right equipment suited to each type of job
  • Extensive experience relating to the work required to advise the client on the best approach to follow
  • All safety and occupational health requirements met
  • We have extensive experience meeting SHEQ requirements including that of the many multinationals we serve, with Safety and Health plans prepared ahead of any complex work.

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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