Spill containment with EnviroServ’s absorbent product range

Spill containment with EnviroServ’s absorbent product range

2021 / 04 / 13

Spills occur in many industries which EnviroServ Waste Management services. When dealing with hazardous materials spills, the containment phase is a critical part of incident management, as the threat to life and property are high.

Spill control remains a specialised skill, and we take pride in helping our customers maintain a healthy and safe environment, while educating them on pollution prevention products, containment concepts and clean-up solutions to ensure total compliance.

EnviroServ Waste Management services include site-specific spill kit bins and bags; a range of absorbent products for safe spill management, site risk assessments and site maps, solutions for risk areas to prevent pollution; stock counting and auditing as well as training, which includes first responder courses and simulation spillage training to enable customers to clean up minor spills without calling out a responder team. This reduces costs and operational down-time.

The speed and efficiency of the containment measures taken in this phase, determines the extent of the contamination and actions required to clean-up the spill site. Improper response and the improper use of products at the containment phase could mean that a larger component of the environment is exposed. This results in a greater demand on resources and considerably higher cost to clean and rehabilitate the site. Having a supply of appropriate absorbent materials onsite, such as those supplied by EnviroServ Waste Management and being correctly trained on how to handle and use them appropriately, is vital to every business where hazardous materials are handled.

We offer a range of absorbent products for safe spill management in a variety of environments, from spilt liquids, including water-based chemicals and spills containing oil, all of which meet international standards of spill containment.

Absorbent products

Our sales specialists have the tools to provide the most cost-effective tailor made absorbent solutions to any industry with focus from small to big businesses to use environmentally safe products. Among others, these products include bio-remediation packs, degreasers and absorbent fibre.

When it comes to selecting these products, we have stringent criteria which they have to meet, including: Is the product environmentally friendly and manufactured from a sustainable source; is it affordable and easily available on an on-going basis; does it perform well under adverse conditions; is it easily applied to and recovered from spillages.

Through on-site assessments, we provide professional advice on risk management and will help your company develop a containment plan for your spill incidents. By partnering with EnviroServ Waste Management you will be guaranteed to have cost effective restocking of your consumables, which will always be products of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in being a reliable support service for your incidents which require clean-ups.

Speak to one of our sales consultants on 0800 192783 for professional advice on an absorbent range to suit your requirements, customised and site-specific spill kit bins and bags.



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