EnviroServ's Absorbent Spill Control Products

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ services many industries which are prone to spillages. With leaks and spills of hazardous materials, the containment phase is the most critical of incident management, as the threat to life and property are at their highest.

The speed and efficiency of the containment measures taken in this phase determine the extent of the clean-up and long-term site remediation demands. Improper response at the containment phase could mean a larger component of environment is exposed and long-term site remediation being required. This results in a greater demand on resources and considerably higher cost. Having a supply of appropriate containment material onsite, such as those supplied by EnviroServ and knowing how to use them appropriately is vital to every business where hazardous materials are handled.


  • Provide a range of absorbent products for safe spill management
  • Offers customised and site-specific spill kit bins and bags
  • Offers training for proper application and usage of products
  • On-site assessments


  • Professional advice on risk management
  • Containment plan for spill incidents
  • Supply quality products and ensure cost effective restocking of consumables
  • Customised options to match customers’ requirements
  • A reputable support service for clean-up phase and for larger incidents

    Pledge & Values
    Pledge & Values

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