Oil Water Separation

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ is committed to the prevention of pollution from unsafe or illegal disposal of oil contaminated water. As a member of the National Oil Recycling Association of South Africa (NORA-SA) EnviroServ will manage the safe and compliant collection, transportation and recycling of oil contaminated water to ensure that customers’ effluent is treated in an environmentally responsible way. Only effluent that cannot be recycled will be disposed of in accordance with latest legislation. EnviroServ’s solution to oil contaminated water provides customers with environmental peace of mind that their effluent is treated by suitably licensed and compliant facilities in a way that will prevent pollution and protect the environment.

EnviroServ waste consultants will visit the site of a customer generating the oil contaminated water and take a sample to assess it for recycling. The oil contaminated water will then be collected from the customer’s site and transported safely to the Oil Separation Plant where the hydrocarbon will be recovered. The type of container and logistics used to collect oil contaminated water depends on the volume to be collected. The oil contaminated water is treated in a state of the art ultra-filtration membrane plant. The plant consists of ceramic membrane ultra-filtration modules. A pump generates the required cross-flow velocity along the membrane elements to reduce fouling and to permeate the water through the membranes. The hydrocarbon gets rejected on the surface of the active membrane layers and is recirculated until the targeted concentration of hydrocarbon is reached.



The recovered water may require further treatment before discharge. The recovered hydrocarbon is sent for further processing. Contact an EnviroServ waste consultant now to see if your oil contaminated water is suitable for this innovative waste solution.


  • Types of hydrocarbon that can be recycled include natural oils, synthetic oils, oil emulsions and cutting fluids
  • Oil contaminated water separation diverts waste from landfill
  • Oil contaminated water is collected from the customer’s premises



  • Oil water separation integrates into other recycling solutions on offer by EnviroServ
  • Customers’ cradle to grave liability is taken care of

The use of licensed and compliant facilities provides environmental peace of mind

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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