Harbour and Vessel Cleaning Services

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ offers holistic waste management services to the maritime industry. Upstream activities in the oil and gas industry require cleaning of drill rigs and supply ships at port. 

EnviroServ provides a broad spectrum of waste management services and can quote on the full scope of work required, reducing the number of service providers required. Our comprehensive range of ship tank cleaning services includes the following waste types:

Waste from shipping, including Quayside Maintenance:

  • Spent oil and lubricants
  • Paint, solvents and waste detergents
  • Waste from ship maintenance activities
  • Galley waste
  • Sweepings from hatches and engine rooms
  • Slops from holds and tanks
  • Spilt cargo
  • Ballast water
  • General domestic waste
  • Health Care Risk Waste (HCRW)/medical waste
  • Spent batteries

Waste from the Dry and Floating Docks:

  • Paint and shot grit
  • Waste metal and wood
  • Oil contaminated mechanical parts

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