Celebrating safety in National Transport Month

Celebrating safety in National Transport Month

2023 / 10 / 02

As the leading waste management company in South Africa, EnviroServ assists many companies in completing their annual maintenance shutdown projects on time and on budget.

October is National Transport Month, which seeks to raise awareness of the important role of transport in the economy, and promote better road safety behaviour. EnviroServ has recently invested in two new systems leading to improved safety outcomes for driver and assistants while on the road.

New vehicle in-CAB cameras use AI technology to help improve driver safety, by identifying issues before they can become a problem. These include in-CAB alerts for driving too close to another vehicle, lane departure, inattentive driving (cellphone usage) or the lack of a seatbelt. The telematics systems drive meaningful, sustainable positive driver behaviour and fleet management, with improved video quality, connectivity and additional sources of risk identification. Each driver has a card which is recognised by the system, and their behaviour is logged to show where improvements or coaching are needed.

The company has also introduced a safety and security assistance app which has been loaded onto each truck’s tablet.  Drivers can press the emergency button on the app to send the vehicle’s location to the security company, who will contact the driver to establish if there is an issue, or dispatch a team to investigate. This emergency system is useful for criminal activity or breakdowns, and looks to improve our logistics teams’ safety while on the road.

“EnviroServ’s near collision causing behaviours have decreased by 20% in 2023, which has had a positive impact by reducing near collisions by 6% in 2023. An interesting stat that stood out, is that our drivers most occurring time for near collisions is around 1pm, which shows the importance of how hunger influences a driver’s behaviour,” said EnviroServ’s Ryan Hendry.

By being proactive and taking note of what the accident and near collision trends are, EnviroServ keeps on raising the waste game. 



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