Working together to build a positive health and safety culture

Working together to build a positive health and safety culture

2023 / 07 / 10

Common risks at landfill facilities worldwide include fires and interaction between people and machinery. EnviroServ has an excellent health and safety record and is always looking to better this, says Greg Alborough, EnviroServ’s Group Risk Manager.

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“Since EnviroServ was acquired by new stakeholders last year, we have been aligning with best practice global standards to ensure that our facilities in Southern Africa are up to scratch in terms of achieving our objectives of zero harm to people, equipment and the environment,” Alborough said.

EnviroServ’s low accident severity and frequency rates are attributable to its sound health and safety management system. While company’s safety procedures and standards are satisfactory, there is an increased focus on helping managers to become involved with behavioural based aspects of safety.

EnviroServ’s target rates for 2023 are based on the last three years of accident rates achieved – a severity rate of 0.07 per 1000 hours and a frequency rate of 3.85 per million-man hours.

All managers have to be trained in Health and Safety management and are responsible for disseminating these messages through the group through engagement with teams.

“EnviroServ has adopted increased personal protective equipment standards, resulting in a better level of high visibility clothing on sites and mandatory hard hats and protective glasses at all of our facilities. These increased specs on protective clothing conform with global standards.”

EnviroServ’s management is obliged to ensure that contractors and sub-contractors comply with rules while on site, and Alborough reports that increased managerial involvement in health and safety has broadened the scope and seen better adherence to rules.

“We have set targets for accident severity and frequency rates which require much health and safety awareness to reduce to accidents, and require every member of the team to co-operate to achieve these goals.”



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