Minimising waste to landfill with innovative sand to bricks conversion

Minimising waste to landfill with innovative sand to bricks conversion

2021 / 09 / 23

When it comes to keeping businesses compliant in the wake of unforeseen incidents, anything from chemical spills and pollution related incidents to minor industrial spills, calamities such as industrial fires, and breaches of storage vessels and dams, EnviroServ has the expertise to assist.

EnviroServ clients are increasingly demanding alternative solutions to divert waste from landfill to enhance the sustainability of their businesses.

Since 2017, our Bellville depot in the Western Cape has been working on finding an alternative for sending waste sand to landfill, and has now perfected the recipe to make clay bricks.

Mulalo Davhana, EnviroServ Project Consultant worked alongside a brick maker on research and development to find the correct sand to feed ratio, and processing parameters. “We needed to understand the makeup of the sand because as a waste it has other trace elements which had to be taken into account. These trace metals and other constituents affect the quality of the brick, understanding the makeup helped us to manage and optimise the brick making process,” she said.

Extensive trials were done which have resulted in a brick which complies with legislation, and is safe for use on a commercial scale.

“Once the bricks had been manufactured and had passed brickmaking regulations, we had to ensure all boxes were ticked to comply with the National Environmental Management: Waste Act 59 of 2008 Regulations,” Davhana said.

The brickmaking company has been granted approval on their Waste Management Licence and Air Emissions Licence and production has started. “This means 2 000 tonnes a month of waste sand is being diverted from landfill, resulting in a significant saving for the client from a cost point of view and a lessened environmental impact.”

This solution is just one of the innovative and sustainable ways in which EnviroServ assists clients in reusing, recycling or diverting their waste streams while better complying with legislation.



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