World Water Day

World Water Day

2021 / 03 / 22

World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March to focus on the importance of freshwater, and this year the theme is “valuing water”.

Waste management and particularly landfill operations have the potential to impact the environment, and precious water resources, adversely.

For this reason, industry-wide measures have been developed, implemented and continuously improved to mitigate these impacts.  These include the state of the art landfill liner designs incorporating a combination of clay liners, geo-synthetic liners and drainage system to create a barrier between landfilled waste and the natural geology.  This ensures that leachate generated through the biodegradation process does not contaminate groundwater.

EnviroServ Waste Management’s landfill facilities are engineered to divert clean water away from landfill areas to prevent contamination, while water that has been in contact with waste is contained and purified prior to discharge.  In line with the objective of the National Water Act, contamination of water should be prevented and therefore EnviroServ Waste Management caps and rehabilitates filled areas to ensure that rain water falling on the area is not contaminated.  Water that has been contaminated as a result of operations is treated in our state of the art onsite treatment plants.  These measures ensure that EnviroServ Waste Management’s operations protect our water resources.



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