EnviroServ feeding the hungry in times of Covid-19

EnviroServ feeding the hungry in times of Covid-19

2020 / 08 / 20

The impact of the pandemic on ordinary South Africans is immeasurable. Small businesses have suffered and those that are still in existence continue to suffer, barely meeting targets.

A considerable number of people have found themselves without employment. 

So with the 2020 Mandela day, people have had to be mindful of what it is that they give and why. When you are facing starvation, food is your immediate need and although your children’s school might require painting, that is not a priority. 

Within EnviroServ, as requests for food parcels poured in, some of us were yet again reminded of our privileges. Where possible, we made a conscious decision to partner with various communities throughout the country in order to provide food. 

In the Eastern Cape, we partnered with Ward 59’s Councillor Dano, in providing groceries for people who had been going to bed without food. For a while, there will be no stress for some of our neighbours of where the next meal will come from.  Fathers who had to watch their children go to bed hungry as they are out of work can search for work on full stomachs.  The children can enjoy a warm meal. 

In KwaZulu Natal province, we partnered with ward 7’s Ward Councilor Phewa to provide food for the less privileged in communities such as Shongweni Dam, and Ntshongweni.

July is a month dedicated to doing good in memory of the great legend that is Rolihlahla
Mandela.  We certainly played our part!



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