EnviroServ assists with dough waste solution

EnviroServ assists with dough waste solution

2020 / 06 / 23

Food waste is a global problem, and for the food industry, wastage can be the difference between profit and loss.

Bakery waste, including excess or discarded dough left over from the baking process, is used internationally to make livestock feed, which reduces disposal costs and alleviates environmental issues.

EnviroServ Waste Management works with enterprising farmers in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape to offer a raw dough disposal service to industrial bakeries.

"Instead of paying a transport and disposal fee, the bakeries no longer bear these costs, and instead receive a rebate," said Yolandi Kruger, EnviroServ Project Manager for Recycling and On-Site. "We have won business from various large bakeries in SA."

EnviroServ staff working on each customer site are responsible for managing the client's waste, separating it into general waste, recyclables and dough waste. They are responsible for housekeeping and making bookings for collections when bins are full.

Kruger said bakeries usually discarded the first batch of dough that ran through a machine at the start, and the remaining dough when swapping between one recipe and another, as well as batches where something has gone wrong. Now we are able to offer our customers a collection service for their raw dough and transport it to the facility where it is treated and combined with other organic waste stream ingredients that have a nutritional value."

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