Ban on liquid waste, as well as hazardous waste

Ban on liquid waste, as well as hazardous waste

2019 / 09 / 01

As of August 23, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries has placed a ban on liquid waste, as well as hazardous waste with a calorific value of more than 20 MJ/kg, from landfill disposal.

Liquid may not be disposed of to landfill unless it has been treated to become a solid. EnviroServ sites are licenced to treat waste using any form of treatment, and the company has built facilities to prepare for the implementation of this legislation. Waste with a high calorific value has the potential to be used as a replacement or alternative fuel. To this end, we have formalised relationships with selected partners in the cement industry, to offer alternative usages to our clients and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. 

We would like to assure you, our valued customer, of our compliance. EnviroServ is geared to accept, treat and dispose of these waste streams, compliant with the latest/ current prohibitions, which affect a large portion of the waste stream. 

As a major role-player in the waste industry, EnviroServ’s experts were part of the review of the legislation, which has the objective of reducing the impact on the environment – by reducing liquids to landfill you generate less leachate and the ultimate impact is a lighter footprint. This means a cleaner environment for all of us. 

We are proud of our 40-year history of raising the waste game, and will continue to comply with changes in legislation as the government aims to move towards a circular economy. 

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