Our customers cover the full spectrum of private and public enterprise, from local, regional, and national governments and public sector organisations such as hospitals, schools, and agri businesses to listed companies and small and medium enterprises.

We operate in all sectors, applying specialist skills and experience in a holistic, integrated way. No matter what their touchpoint in EnviroServ is, all our customers benefit from all the knowledge and best practice resident in EnviroServ.

Our headquarters are in Gauteng, South Africa. 

We also operate and in some cases have regional facilities in east, west, north, and central Africa.

The depth of our experience of waste management available to our customers therefore encompasses most issues current in Africa today. This ensures that no customer need reinvent the waste management wheel and that our solutions are always fit for purpose, cost effective, and compliant with relevant legislation.

In fact, one of the single most important benefits we offer clients is that, because of our 38 years’ experience across multiple industries, in a huge variety of geographical and, therefore, environmental conditions, our solutions will usually both exceed legislative requirements and be the most affordable and sustainable option.