​Upcoming Requests for Goods/Services

Please be aware that we will be looking for suppliers in the upcoming months in the following categories. Please access ​this page on a regular basis to check for progress on RFQ’s, RFP’s and actual tender documents.​

Category Number Tender Document Compulsory Pre-tender
Briefing Session
Submission Date  
National Supply of Industrial Chemicals

Requirements to ​Become a ​​Vendor

The following documents are required to become a Supplier to EnviroServ

  1. Company Profile
  2. Signed EWM Code of Conduct
  3. Credit Agreement — Payment Terms
  4. Banking Details
  5. Valid BBBEE Certificate
  6. Company Registration Documents
  7. Tax Clearance Certificate
  8. VAT 1031 Certificate
  9. Supplier Agreement/Contract

Please download the following two documents to be completed should you wish to become a supplier to Enviroserv Waste Management.

All documentation should be sent to ​