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Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise


Legislation is urging both waste producers and waste management companies to divert waste from landfills. EnviroServ fully supports this call, and to this end the company offers all customers alternatives to landfilling before deciding on disposal as a solution. Environmental legislation has numerous implications on both the public and private sector, including financial. EnviroServ is a valuable partner in helping customers to ensure cost-effective and safe treatment and disposal of waste.


South Africa has an excellent reputation for environmental awareness, with our now defunct Minimum Requirements for the Handling, Classification and Disposal of Hazardous Waste (2nd ed. 1998) being among the most advanced in the world at the time of their publication. These have subsequently been replaced by a more advanced system, the Waste Management Regulations published under the auspices of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act (no. 59 of 2008). In this context, EnviroServ currently owns and operates a number of technologically advanced waste treatment and disposal failities, including the Class A Holfontein site; the largest of its kind in southern Africa. All EnviroServ’s Class A facilities are designed by top civil engineers to handle all types of liquid and solid waste and are managed in accordance with legislation.

EnviroServ manages most types of hazardous and industrial waste that require specialised treatment and processing before disposal at a suitable waste treatment and disposal facility. All such hazardous wastes, characterised by their flammability, corrosivity, toxicity and/or reactivity, must, by law, be analysed prior to treatment and disposal at a permitted landfill.


  • EnviroServ has invested in a centralised SANAS accredited laboratory equipped with highly sophisticated instruments for the rapid analysis and classification of wastes. Such analysis and waste classification then dictates the method of treatment and the requisite procedure for safe, environmentally acceptable disposal of the waste to landfill. Every precaution is taken to ensure the protection of human health and safety of the environment.
  • The company is a reliable partner for hazardous waste disposal. We continuously invest in ensuring that our hazardous waste sites remain abreast of the latest developments in waste disposal technology.
  • We offer acceptable methods of treatment of waste streams which are toxic and not readily biodegradable.
  • Enviroserv offers peace of mind through the provision of maximum protection and containment of hazardous waste. 
  • We issue safe disposal certificates.

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Pledge & Values

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