Waste Separation And Minimisation

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

At EnviroServ, we view moving up the waste hierarchy as the new era of responsible waste management. Effective on-site waste management services can benefit clients across all industries. A successful recycling operation requires good, clean, uniform collections of segregated waste types. This is most effectively achieved by separating the waste streams close to source, rather than at a waste treatment facility.

Waste Separation

EnviroServ encourages even the smallest waste generator to implement a waste separation programme. The most cost effective separations occur at source. This simplifies the effort to achieve sale-able recyclables. Waste streams that have been separated can be dealt with more effectively: re-used, sold to be recycled, or as a last option, sent for responsible disposal.

Waste Minimisation

Waste avoidance and waste reduction can be achieved through education and training - by improving efficiencies and making staff environmentally aware. Separating waste at source allows the producer to accurately monitor all waste streams thereby providing visibility into their waste generation. From this, the producer is able to fine tune their processes and procedures in order to minimise the volume of waste being produced. EnviroServ’s Onsite Waste Management team assists in incentivising and training staff to assist with these goals.


The financial incentives for waste recycling might be perceived as relatively small to the waste producer, but wherever a waste recycling programme is introduced, there is an overall significant reduction in the cost of the waste management service. On-site waste programmes create a number of jobs as well as offer skills training for the site supervisors. Additionally, work and income are created for entrepreneurs who trade in recyclables. The majority of these much needed jobs are created in the area surrounding the waste producer.

Recycling is one way to preserve resources and to protect the environment.


  • Provides a holistic approach to your waste management process.
  • Assessing your facilities, make recommendations and implement agreed policies.
  • Provides staff and equipment to ensure correct handling (packing, labeling, loading), storage and transportation of waste streams.
  • Provides staff to oversee the entire waste management process on-site.

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Pledge & Values

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