On-Site Waste Management

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ’s integrated waste management approach and the on-site waste management services provide the support a customer needs to introduce waste recycling at a factory, office building, shopping mall, hospital or other facility. On-site waste management can be offered alone but is preferably one element of an integrated waste management where a customer’s waste needs are assessed and understood. Waste minimisation through reduction, re-use and recycling generally forms part of any On-Site Waste Management Service. EnviroServ’s teams of expertly trained staff are based at customers’ premises to recover recyclable products such as plastic, paper, glass and cans. This service provides customers with the peace of mind, that through one service provider, they are legally compliant and meet the needs of the safety, health and environmental authorities, while effectively managing all waste generated from their sites. By performing this separation at source, EnviroServ can maximise the recyclable volumes and minimise waste sent to landfill. This programme offers a solution that is both cost effective (as income is generated from the recyclables recovered) and provides customers with detailed reports that enable them to track and report on the volumes of waste recycled.


  • Professional, trained teams dedicated to overseeing the entire waste management programme
  • Full ownership of the waste management programme
  • Provision of staff and equipment to ensure correct handling (packaging, sorting, bailing, labelling loading), storage and transportation of waste streams
  • Appropriate staff complement and equipment to achieve cost effective solutions
  • If required, static compactors and bailing machines can be installed
  • Flexibility to manage changing waste volumes
  • Waste minimisation through reduction, separation, re-use and recycling
  • Accurate record keeping and reporting



  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Safety, health, environmental and quality standards are met
  • One service provider on site dealing with and made accountable for all waste streams
  • One invoice per month
  • Encourages an integrated approach to waste management
  • Promotes waste minimisation through reduction, re-use and recycling
  • Training and awareness programs for staff at all levels
  • Reduced waste management programme cost through income from recyclables
  • Benefitting from EnviroServ’s total recycling volumes to maximise on trading rates for your recyclable material
  • Reduces pilferage and associated security risks
  • Staff are specifically trained in the safe handling of a wide range of waste materials.
  • Accurate document control and tracking
  • Monthly sustainability and waste volume reports
  • Cost effective solutions for handling, storage, transport, treatment and disposal for waste
  • Reducing waste to landfill volumes with the goal of zero waste to landfill

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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