Tailings Management

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ’s integrated waste management solutions include the handling of waste streams in the mining sector through the work of our Tailings team.


The team focuses on the management, design and technical assistance, rehabilitation and closure of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs). The company further provides services for the hydraulic re-mining of tailings. In addition to this, EnviroServ Tailings has expertise necessary for the construction and remediation of TSFs and waste storage facilities.


EnviroServ Tailings, in collaboration with various partners, offer the following services to the mining and heavy metal industries:

  • Tailings Management
    • Assistance with conceptual design of storage facilities
    • Operation of tailings storage facilities all year-round
    • Remedial actions related to storage facilities
  • Hydraulic re-mining of Tailings Storage Facilities
    • Assistance with conceptual designs
    • Mining of tailings hydraulically, including operation of pump stations
    • Rehabilitation of the exposed tailings footprints
  • Rehabilitation
    • Grass land establishment on disturbed areas
    • Land amelioration
    • Effective dust suppression on active and dormant storage facilities
    • Alien invader species control
    • Contaminated soil remediation
  • Civil Engineering Construction
    • Construction of TSFs and related infrastructure
  • Benefits
    • Holistic service solutions
    • Solutions which raise the standards in environmental stewardship
    • Peace of mind contracting
    • Developing innovative solutions

6CE grading with the Construction Industry Development Board and is a member of the South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors.

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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