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Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ’s accredited state of the art Meadowdale laboratory was established in the early 1990s and was the first waste analytical laboratory in South Africa to receive SANAS accreditation. The laboratory is accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for waste analyses and offers expert advice with regard to testing and handling of hazardous waste materials and is able to assist in the analysis and classification of waste in accordance with the United Nations Globally Harmonised System of Classification (GHS) as contained in SANS 10234 and mandated by the National Environmental Management Waste Act (NEMWA No 59 of 2008) and the associated Waste Regulations with its prescribed Norms and Standards


  • Offers expert advice about testing and handling of hazardous waste materials
  • Assists in the analysis and classification of waste
  • EnviroServ’s Meadowdale laboratory offers internal water analytical services for all of EnviroServ’s open and closed waste treatment and disposal facilities. This internal capability allows EnviroServ to manage water quality and mitigate potential risks of water contamination on their landfill sites.
  • Focuses specifically on trace element analyses, spectro-analytical, gas chromatography mass spectrometry, and wet chemistry methods, suitable for the testing of a range of hazardous elements or compounds typical of hazardous wastes. Spectrochemical techniques include ICP-OES, GC-MS and Spectrophotometry. Wet chemistry techniques include titrimetric, volumetric and gravimetric methods
  • Waste and leachate samples from the Toxicity Characterisation Leaching Procedure, water and effluent samples can be analysed by ICP-OES and GC/MS in accordance with United States-EPA based methods approved by SANAS, as well as the Australian Standard Leaching Procedure in line with National Environmental Management: Waste Act (NEMWA Act 59:2008) requirements.



  • Accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for waste analyses
  • Able to assess your waste streams to:
    • Explore alternatives to landfill
    • Investigate options to beneficiate your waste
    • Assess options for reduce, re-use, recycle (energy recovery), treatment or disposal.
  • Classification of waste according to its properties (physical, health and environmental risks) to determine its hazardous nature is a legal requirement.
  • Leach tests and risk profiling to determine suitable end destination of waste if landfill disposal is the chosen option.
  • Due to its accreditation, this laboratory can provide a full range of environmental analytical testing services, specialising in the analysis of solid, liquid and sludge waste matrices. Analytical laboratory testing services for these matrices includes routine, trace and ultra-trace level analysis for organics, metals and nutrients, inorganic non-metallics, toxicological parameters, as well as a range of physical parameters.
  • In addition to the routine services, EnviroServ has expertise in many speciality testing areas. With its groundbreaking features and expanded capabilities, the EnviroServ laboratory has the latest available analytical equipment and is equipped with the following analytical instrumentation: ICP-OES, GC/MS, Flash Point Analyser, Moisture Analyser, Spectrometer, Balances, pH meters and a Purge and Trap System for organic compounds

The Waste Regulations guarantee that waste is adequately classified and categorised, and the associated risks of the waste are assessed for the safe transportation, handling, storage and disposal of the waste. Detailed information on a customer’s waste streams is essential for adequate prioritisation and management of waste.

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