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Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

Established over 40 years ago, EnviroServ is widely regarded as Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading and most innovative waste management company. The company partners with local municipalities to offer cost effective town and city refuse collection. EnviroServ is committed to the preservation of the environment and all refuse collected is managed in the most environmentally friendly manner. The company’s waste management solutions and facilities are in accordance to legislative standards.


Total or partial town cleaning, operation and management of:

  • Door-to-Door collections
  • Events cleaning
  • Illegal dumping clean-ups
  • Landfill Management
  • Litter picking
  • Specialised waste collection vehicles
  • Street sweeping
  • Transfer station management


Door-to-door collections, events cleaning, illegal dumping clean-ups, litter picking and street sweeping

  • Eliminates capital outlay to local authorities
  • Site restored to a clean healthy environment
  • Roads and sites maintained as part of a clean healthy environment
  • Clean healthy environment during the event
  • Operations carried out by a trained and professional team
  • Responsible disposal to a permitted waste treatment and disposal facility
  • Transparent invoicing through accurate records and reporting
  • Flexibility to manage demand for service
  • Peace of mind through on-site management service
  • Minimising of waste to landfill through recycling


Specialised waste collection vehicles

  • Compacting waste at the point of generation
  • Reducing transport costs and increasing cost efficiencies
  • Selection of container sizes to suit client needs
  • Strategic placement of containers – to suit client needs
  • Facilitates frequent services on pre-arranged days
  • Customisation of containers such as lids or locks.


Landfill Management

  • Access to expertise in planning, design, operation, closure and post closure of waste treatment and disposal facilities.
  • Access to monitoring of incoming waste streams placement and compaction of waste and installation of environmental monitoring and control measures.
  • Access to technical expertise required to comply with the environmental and legislative requirements of waste treatment and disposal.
  • Overall efficiency in terms of equipment and human resources.
  • No capitalisation of plant – all plant is supplied as part of the contract.
  • Minimum downtime through plant breakdowns because of planned maintenance programs.
  • Access to expertise in accurate waste information and data capturing.
  • Empowerment and skill development of local community members through employment.

Transfer Stations

  • Cost effective solution for customers generating waste far from a permitted waste treatment and disposal facility.
  • Cost effective solution for handling, storage, transport, treatment and where necessary and as a last resort, disposal of waste of a wide range of waste materials.
  • No capital expenditure on equipment or waste treatment and disposal facility.
  • No long term liability or associated costs of a waste treatment and disposal facility.
  • Environmentally acceptable method of temporary storage of waste.
  • Facilitates compaction to reduce waste volume.
  • Facilitates bulk transportation of waste.
  • Facilitates recycling opportunities, including empowerment and employment through small business development.
  • Community friendly waste management system.
  • Peace of mind through compliance with legislation, and compliance with Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality standards.
  • Reduces pilferage and associated risks.
  • Reduces wind-scatter.

Staff is specifically trained in the safe handling of a wide range of waste materials.

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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