Health Care Risk Waste (HCRW) Management

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

EnviroServ’s incineration business goes as far back as the late eighties. Through our incinerators, EnviroServ is able to offer the medical and related fields peace of mind that their waste is treated and destructed in accordance to governing legislation. There have been a number of incinerators operated by the company, with the latest HOWDEN machine commissioned in 2011. It is located at Roodepoort, Gauteng. Buhle and Compass Waste are some of EnviroServ’s customers. The facility operates in accordance with the country’s rules governing incinerators and has an Air Emission Licence and a Waste Management Licence.

Health Care Risk Waste (HCRW), also referred to as medical waste, is defined as: waste capable of producing any disease and includes but is not limited to the following:

(a) Chemical waste;
(b) Cytotoxic waste;
(c) Genotoxic waste;
(d) Infectious waste;
(e) Isolation waste;

(f) Laboratory waste;
(g) Pathological waste;
(h) Pharmaceutical waste;
(i) Radioactive waste; and
(j) Sharps waste.

The above is as defined by DoH (May 2014)
The DEA on the other hand has in its DRAFT regulations (June 2012) the following:
'Health care risk waste' means the portion of the health care waste that is hazardous and including-

(a) laboratory waste;
(b) anatomical waste;
(c) genotoxic/cytotoxic waste;
(d) infectious waste;
(e) sharps waste;

(f) sanitary waste;
(g) nappy waste;
(h) low-level radioactive waste; and
(i) pharmaceutical waste;

It includes any waste that is generated during diagnosis, treatment or immunisation of humans or animals, in research pertaining to this; in the manufacturing or testing of biological agents - including blood, blood products and contaminated blood products, cultures, pathological wastes, sharps, human and animal anatomical wastes and isolation wastes.


  • We offer treatment and destruction of 'Health care risk waste/ medical waste.



  • EnviroServ has an ability to handle anatomical and pharmaceutical waste
  • Peace of mind through documented legal compliance. The company uses a barcoded scanning of waste system and is thus able to provide a customer with answers for the cradle to grave questions.
  • Minimising waste to landfill
  • EnviroServ adheres to the latest legislation, ensuring peace of mind.

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Pledge & Values

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