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USED OIL RECYCLING EnviroServ is committed to the prevention of pollution from unsafe or illegal disposal of used oil. As a member of the National Oil Recycling Association of South Africa (NORA-SA) EnviroServ will manage the safe and compliant collection, transportation and recycling of used oil to ensure that customers’ used oil is disposed in an environmentally responsible way. Only oil that cannot be recycled will be disposed to landfill in accordance with latest legislation on the restriction of used oil to landfill, in effect from August 2017. This typically happens when the oil is heavily contaminated by other wastes such as solvents, water or additives such as anti-freeze. It is therefore beneficial for customers to separate wastes at source to prevent this from happening. One litre of used oil is believed to pollute as much as one million litres of drinking water. EnviroServ’s solution to used oil waste provides customers with environmental peace of mind that their used oil is only treated by suitably licensed and compliant facilities in a way that will prevent pollution and protect the environment.

EnviroServ waste consultants will visit the site of a customer generating used oil and take a sample to assess it for recycling. Used oil will then be collected from the customer’s site and transported safely to a treatment facility where the oil will be recycled. The type of container and logistics used to collect used oil depends on the volume to be collected. Once delivered to a licensed facility the oil recycling process generates a variety of products from used oil, the predominant being industrial burner fuel also known by many other names such as furnace fuel and fuel oil. Some processes generate emulsion explosives for use in the mining industry and very rarely used oil is regenerated (or re-refined) into new oil. Any one of these processes guarantee complete safe destruction of used oil waste so customers can be assured that their cradle to grave liability is taken care of. As evidence of this safe disposal certificates are issued for every load of used oil collected.



  • Types of oil that can be recycled include motor engine oil, gearbox oil, machine oil, hydraulic oil and transformer oil.
  • Used oil recycling diverts waste from landfill.
  • Oil is collected from the customer’s premises.
  • Safe disposal certificates are issued.






  • Used oil recycling integrates into other recycling solutions on offer by EnviroServ
  • Customers’ cradle to grave liability is taken care of
  • The use of licensed and compliant facilities provides environmental peace of mind
  • Customers could qualify for a rebate on oil recycling depending on volume and quality

Where the volume and quality of used oil allows, customers could qualify for a rebate on their collected oil. Contact an EnviroServ waste consultant now to see if you qualify for this innovative waste solution.



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