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EnviroServ fully supports the drive towards sustainable waste management and the waste hierarchy. To this end, the company has invested in various alternative waste treatments. Composting is one such alternative which EnviroServ offers to numerous customers. It is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to reduce the volume of waste disposed to landfill. It limits the further generation of leachate in the landfill environment and improves the quality of leachate should it be generated. We are fully aware that the pressure to find alternatives to landfill and to minimise waste going into a landfill is a priority for both EnviroServ and its customers. EnviroServ has taken the initiative to compost certain waste streams currently going into landfills. Compost is sold directly to end-users or to other compost companies for further processing.


EnviroServ produces high quality compost using suitable organic waste materials and by-products such as animal remains, abattoir waste, eggshells, and fruit pulp, etc. For bulking agents, EnviroServ uses kraal manure, chicken litter and wood chips to ensure that there are enough organic materials high in nutrients like calcium, sulphur, magnesium, iron and zinc to replenish the soil.

In addition, EnviroServ offers on site solutions for customers in the form of the Mobile Composting Unit (MCU), which is designed to manage compostable organic waste materials in an environmentally friendly manner. It is targeted at commercial and industrial organic waste such as canteen food waste, kitchen food wastes, garden wastes, etc. The MCU will compost the waste material while cleaning the air using a bio-filter to prevent unpleasant odours. This makes the MCU a sustainable environmental solution because of landfill avoidance. The MCU is suitable for sites that have less than 10 tons per day of general waste in order to compost their waste without any waste license. The volume of each unit is approximately 5m 3, and it is expected that there would be a maximum of 2–3 of these units on-site, therefore, a total of around 10–15m 3 will be available per two-week cycle.





  • Composting helps us to give back to nature what we take from her. The macro- and micro-nutrients introduced back into the soils via compost reduces the need for chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides and helps to keep our soils healthy and sustainable
  • Composting positively contributes to the environment by reducing the volume of waste destined for landfill
  • It helps reduce Green House Gas emissions when organic waste is landfilled, thereby positively reducing climate change
  • By making compost out of waste materials and by-products, EnviroServ ensures that customers are aligned with the “Waste Hierarchy” principle and therefore with the future of waste management
  • An affordable solution which leaves customers feeling empowered knowing what happens to their waste


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