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Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

Wash bays, tanks, bund areas, dams and ponds can silt up over time and require desludging. Industrial vacuuming is the large-scale removal of waste sludges and liquids that are transferred for further processing or disposal. Using our fleet of vacuum units and pumps, EnviroServ services customers by removing the sludge or liquids so that the vessel can be put back into use. The company’s suite of industrial vacuuming equipment enables us to tackle jobs both big and small in a cost-effective manner.

Often industrial vacuuming may be required to deal with waste residues generated by activities such as:

  • Tank cleaning and de-sludging
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Cleaning of bunds, channels and gullies
  • Remediation of dams and ponds including the removal and disposal of dam liners (if required)
  • Treatment and disposal of wastes to a compliant landfill

EnviroServ provides a broad spectrum of waste management services and can quote on the full scope of work required, reducing the number of service providers required.


    EnviroServ’s SuperSucker units comprise:

    • 30kl, 20kl, and 10kl mobile units
    • Static vacuum units that are placed at site. These units then supply either Roll on/Roll Off (RoRo) 10kl tanks placed alongside, or directly to vehicle tankers
    • A variety of pumps can be used as an alternative to vacuum units allowing for a reduction in costs


    • Peace of mind that work is being conducted by competent people with minimum delays
    • Ability to deliver services outside of the South African border
    • EnviroServ can provide many of the ancillary services around tank cleaning like industrial vacuuming and disposal of waste residues
    • EnviroServ has the ability to choose and apply the right equipment suited to each type of job
    • We have extensive experience relating to most work required, allowing us to advise on the best approach to follow
    • Our specialist can quote on work required, including all safety and occupational health requirements
    • We have extensive experience meeting SHEQ requirements including that of the many multinationals we serve, with Safety and Health plans prepared ahead of any complex work being done

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