Asbestos Stripping

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

The negative human health effects of asbestos exposure are well documented.

Our technicians are trained in asbestos removal and have the necessary authorisations in place to do asbestos abatement work. Our Hazardous Waste Services team will advise on how best this can be managed. In terms of the South African law, companies handling asbestos on a regular basis must be accredited as asbestos contractors by the Department of Labour. Before responding to an asbestos clean-up or stripping, a procedure of how the task will be completed has to be submitted to the Department of Labour for approval. The rationale is to ensure safe working practices with regards to the workers on site and preventing asbestos fibers from escaping into the environment.

As the first company in Africa to achieve EU accreditation as an Expert Supervisor for asbestos removal, EnviroServ is also qualified to handle removals and safe disposals for international clients.




  • Ability to deliver services outside of South African border
  • Ability to commence work immediately through hastened approval of work plan by the department of labour
  • Stripping of loose/free asbestos i.e. the raw/unprocessed product
  • Stripping of solid/binded asbestos i.e. processed such as that found in facia boards, paneling, ceiling boards etc.
  • Stripping of boiler cladding
  • Advisory services on the preparation of tenders for the removal of asbestos from premises
  • Advisory services to ensure legal compliance


  • Ability to deliver this service throughout Africa - rapid deployment
  • Start to finish clean-up service
  • In-depth understanding of procedures, requirements and compliance at the Department of Labour
  • No risk/exposure to the client’s premises or staff due to expert operational procedures
  • Peace of mind through expertise, specialist knowledge, experience and practices

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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