Corporate Social Responsibilty
Social Responsibilty

Corporate Social Responsibility

CEO Statement

EnviroServ works hard to maintain a strong connection with the communities which surround us every day, and to do good at the same time. Our long history of innovative and considered Corporate Social Investment speaks to this, from the triumph of the work we completed in helping to establish Zandi’s Orphanage to the numerous smaller projects which we pursue as a company.

We have also continued to invest in long-term projects such as our Learnership Programme, and the IZWE schools recycling project. Our commitment to a variety of programmes which help people advance, gain employment and build on education reflects what we feel is a commitment to the future of the country.

We look forward to updating you on the good work we continue to do.



Our journey with Zandi and her orphanage started back in 2011 when a need was identified for a permanent home to house children that Zandi had in her care.  In 2014 EnviroServ saw a business opportunity and bought an appropriate property with purpose-built facilities for the children. 

The house consists of a boys’ and girls’ dormitory, small children’s dormitory, recreation room, large kitchen, an office outdoor play area and other facilities for children. The home provides school uniforms, transport to and from school and a place to sleep.

Today the centre is home to 21 children aged one to 17, and with infant-care training under their belts Zandi and her staff are well equipped to provide a safe environment for these orphans without the monthly stress of sourcing money to pay the rent.  EnviroServ continues to support the home.


Learnerships – Employed and Unemployed

During the 2015-2016 financial year EnviroServ implemented learnerships for unemployed people in communities within which we operate in. This is part of the company’s strategy to give back.

Fifty-five unemployed people were recruited from Etwatwa, Durban and Cape Town and placed on the Business Admin level 2 and new venture Creation Level 2 learnership. Of this number, 51 successfully completed the Learnership and were absorbed on fixed term contracts within EnviroServ.

In 2017, 80 unemployed people including eight with disabilities were recruited nationally to partake in the Business Admin Level 2 learnership.

Learnerships are key to addressing scarce and critical skills within the sector and industry. The 12-month Business Administration level two learnership is a national certificate through the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and consists of three months theory and nine months of practical training. EnviroServ covers the costs of each learners’ tuition of R45 000. Theoretical training has commenced and will be followed by practical training on-site.

One of the learners, Ziyanda Dinile from Cape Town said she was thankful to Enviroserv for giving her a chance to do something with her future. “This learnership has planted a seed inside me. I’m now seeing myself as a businesswoman.”


Children in developing countries face many barriers to accessing basic education. According to the World Bank, school fees are among the major obstacles to universal primary education in developing countries. 

While South Africa has taken strides towards meeting the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education by eliminating school fees, other significant costs remain, including the cost of providing a school uniform for a child.

For the past five years, the EnviroServ Group has been part of the Chris Dlamini ‘Dress a Learner Programme’, a collaborative effort between community leaders, the Department of Basic Education and EnviroServ Waste Management that encourages schooling among primary and high school learners.

This year, learners from 15 schools on Johannesburg’s East Rand were supplied with full school uniforms, thus encouraging them to attend school.

EnviroServ’s investment of more than R60 000 saw 10 primary schools and five secondary schools in Delmas, Eloff, Etwatwa, Sundra and Welgedacht benefitting by receiving full school uniforms.

Since the government introduced feeding schemes in most of the previously disadvantaged schools, absenteeism has been attributed to a lack of school uniforms, and this is what this programme seeks to address. EnviroServ realises that a good education opens doors; an opportunity the company wants all the learners to have.  Plans are in the pipeline to extend this programme nationally.


We helped to start the Intuthuko Sewing project in 2004 as a means to empower women from Daveyton and Etwatwa with an opportunity to earn a living through sewing. The project has grown since then to become a robust business that directly employs 30 people and exports their designs to countries as far away as Canada and the U.S.A.

Each creation of Intuthuko is made from export-quality, hand-dyed thread and is a unique piece of art and a form of personal statement. It tells a story or highlights an issue important to the women who make them. Their main aim however is to retain the traditional folk-art, quality and integrity of the product, and the themes of their work often focus on the challenges of day-to-day life as they confront it, drawing attention to issues of importance in South Africa and their community. 


Over the course of the year, more than 8,000 pupils at 17 primary and secondary schools in the Ntshongweni, Kwandengezi and Dassenhoek areas have been taught about recycling and waste management in a fun and interactive environment.  Izwe, the EnviroServ mascot, and the rest of the EnviroServ team were met with dancing and cheers as they communicated messages on which types of waste could be retrieved and reused, and why recycling was important for the planet.

Part of EnviroServ’s long-term view is that minimising the amount of waste sent to landfills is as important as effectively managing waste which cannot be disposed of in any other facility. Teaching the children about minimising waste, and what can be re-used and recycled, stays true to our message that landfill disposal remains the last resort for waste.  

Schools visited included Kwamanzini Primary, Nkosenye Intermediate, Edamini Combined and Egcekeni Secondary.


HIV positive teenagers were encouraged to forge new friendships and live their lives to the fullest at a party held at Dora Nginza recently.  Teens between the ages of 12 and 15 attended the party hosted by Dora Nginza Paediatric Wellness clinic staff with help from the Ubuntu Education fund.  The party was sponsored by EnviroServ waste management who provided the food and gifts. More than 30 children affected by the virus had broad smiles as they interacted with others who understood what it was like to be affected by the disease.  

    The children were treated to lunch; sweet treats from Pick n Pay Newton Park and they were each given a gift to take home. But more importantly they received advice from two speakers both living with HIV and leading happy, normal lives.   The speakers offered some sound advice on how to overcome the struggle of living with the virus. 


Each year we keep a record of requests for charitable support which are made to us. While we can’t support every project which we come across – and have a significant CSI programme in place – we do help where we can. This year we have contributed to the following projects with time of funding from the company:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Somerset Hospital
  • Daveyton Society for the Aged
  • United Cerebral Palsy Association of South Africa
  • ACTION for Blind & Disabled Children
  • Love Story
  • Wits Paediatric Fund
  • Ingane Yami Children's Village
  • Isambulo Youth Development Centre & Devotees of Education
  • Aloes Community Service e.g. Masonwabe Elders
  • Zwartskops conservancy environmental awareness campaign
  • Vissershok Morning Star initiative
  • Sponsored soccer kits for KZN Soccer Tournament & recycling awareness campaign amongst communities surrounding Shongweni
  • Santa Shoebox Campaign – PE
  • Huis van Sonstraal Old Age Home – Western Cape
  • Little Kings & Queens Educate Crèche – Western Cape
  • Participating with Mpact and Transnet Portals Terminals paper collection drive to recycle – Richards Bay depot
  • Donated school chairs to the learners and a table and chairs for the staff room to Sizofunda Primary School in Sundra