Schools Recycling Programme

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise

For close to years, EnviroServ has displayed a commitment to educating communities and corporates about responsible waste management, and how to best care for the environment through using legally compliant waste management providers. EnviroServ continues to be a pioneer within the industry.  The company was the first waste management company to develop the unique schools recycling programme which is dedicated to enhancing recycling awareness at schools.


EnviroServ commits to collecting the waste materials and to recycle the materials and as a last option, dispose of any waste materials in a responsible manner and within legislative requirements. Furthermore, EnviroServ can offer schools cost-effective total waste management solutions including hazardous waste management such as fluorescent tubes and laboratory waste. The key to the success of the programme is ongoing operational, marketing and training support. 


  • To promote recycling within the schools, homes and communities
  • To engage schools and communities in activities which will highlight and popularise recycling, waste minimisation and alternatives to traditional disposal methods
  • Support the communities to participate in the programme
  • To reduce the amount of litter
  • To reduce the amount of waste to landfills
  • To create generations of environmentally conscious citizens


  • On-site recommendation
  • An efficient recycling system and programme pack
  • Training and awareness is provided either on-site or with DVDs, posters and hand-outs
  • Free collection services
  • Monthly recyclable volume reports
  • A fun way to educate future generations on the importance of environmental care and to protect the environment
  • Notification of rewards, competitions etc.
  • Additional services – general waste management, fluorescent tube boxes and spill kits
  • Ability to service and supply staff for sport and fun days as well as any other school events
  • Interaction with students and teachers at assemblies or any other forum the school chooses

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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