Minimising waste to landfill 

EnviroServ raising the waste game with Arcelormittal’s Saldanha works

Vision Mission and Promise
Vision Mission and Promise


EnviroServ’s brand promise is to raise the waste game. We do this by partnering with customers and enabling them to meet their objectives. The company has aligned with Arcelor Mittal’s “Journey to Zero” commitment believing in zero harm to the environment when it comes to waste management.


EnviroServ was contracted to ethically reduce the amount of waste generated during ArcelorMittal operations, while ensuring legal compliance. 


EnviroServ identified many alternative uses for waste generated by ArcelorMittal which have minimised waste volumes sent to landfill. Coal dust, DRI, Coke Fines and Conarc dust are compressed into briquettes/pellets which can be used for fuel and kindling. Wood pallets, boxes, planks, wood sides and beams are sold and stockpiles of wood are then chipped for further uses including cover for landfill or possible composting. EnviroServ has optimised the waste storage solution so that it adheres to safety regulations and compliance. To manage the risk of overloading the bins and reducing the chance of equipment failure, EnviroServ manufactured smaller bins which have prevented overloading, even with the heaviest materials that are handled by client on site. To be able to manage chemical waste in drums and IBC containers and Kaywool waste, EnviroServ converted 15m³ skip compactor bins to be able to handle these waste types, in the safest and most effective way. The company also assists in storage of these waste types in the Central Sorting yard. In addition to the above, EnviroServ treats small volumes of chemical waste (generated in the laboratory) daily and manages the solid waste on a day-to-day basis.


The EnviroServ Saldanha Works operation is fully compliant and has been awarded many certifications, namely ISO 14001 and ISO 18000. Additionally, EnviroServ has put a system in place to satisfy the ArcelorMittal FPS requirements thus further enhancing safety management on the site.

Pledge & Values
Pledge & Values

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