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As South Africa’s oldest and largest waste management company, managing the waste for most of South Africa’s significant private and public sector organisations, EnviroServ has always believed it has a responsibility to guide its clients through legislative demands on their organisations.

This is no simple task, as legislation is being updated all the time to take account of evolving best practice and modern ideas about sustainability. Also, legislation varies from one industry and region to another – and from one authority to another. There are often cases where municipal by-laws may override national or provincial legislation. Threading one’s way through the maze of legalities calls for specialist skills and we ensure that we have the best such skills.

EnviroServ's Technical Director (Treatement and Disposal Solutions) is Dr Johan Schoonraad, a chemist and scientist who works with a dedicated team of professional scientists and engineers to find appropriate solutions to complex hazardous waste and chemical pollution problems.

With extensive knowledge of environmental and waste legislation, he also offers insights and advice to people on a broad range of waste management issues. To see what he advises, or to see some of your questions about waste management answered, click through to Dr Schoonraad’s Waste Management Q & A. 

If you have questions that are not covered in the Q&A, please do send them to annemaried@enviroserv.co.za or makgabovn@enviroserv.co.za. Dr. Schoonraad will answer them within seven days.

  1. What’s the correct procedure to follow when disposing off fluorescent tubes. I am a mother of two and I stay in Benoni?
  2. For fluorescent tubes, the easiest for a homeowner is to take them back to one of the retail outlets (eg. Builders Warehouse, Woolworths, Makro, etc) who have set up collection points at their stores for the old tubes. They then take care of the responsible disposal from that point onwards.

  3. Can I Bury 44 gallon tar drums on a small holding?  What’s the correct way to dispose of tar drums?
  4. For the tar drums, it would depend on the volume requiring disposal and the hazard rating of the waste. Legally you can dispose of general waste to land in areas not serviced by a municipality without a licence as long as you don’t exceed 500kg/m. If the tar in the drum is rated as hazardous (the safety data sheet or SDS should be available from the supplier of the product and should provide information on the hazard rating of the material) then you cannot dispose of it to land without a licence and it has to be disposed via a suitable service provider. 

    If you have questions that are not covered in the Q&A, please do send them to annemaried@enviroserv.co.za. Dr. Schoonraad will answer them within seven days.