Key Control and Mitigation Measures

Key control and mitigation measures

EnviroServ’s primary responsibility in waste management is to ensure that the risk mitigation processes, developed and implemented by the company, minimise risk to the environment, our staff and surrounding communities health and safety and our clients peace of mind.

Steps taken by EnviroServ include:

  • Establishment of a comprehensive risk register that prioritises risks according to headline and operational severity.
  • Mitigation strategies are focused on protecting the environment, clients, investors, EnviroServ assets, the public and our employees
  • Certification ad compliance with international standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 as well as the Chemical & Allied Industries Association Responsible Care and Safety &Quality Assessment System (SQAS) programmes.
  • Appointing a team of SAATCA registered auditors to ensure that internal compliance audits are conducted routinely and independently of our operational entities.
  • The appointment of an auditing team ensures that EnviroServ has the capacity to conduct compliance audits at its customers, transporters, recyclers and subcontractors to ensure their operations do not pose any risks to its operations, as well as to ensure that compliance requirements within our industry are communicated routinely to our stakeholders