Environmental peace of mind

Peace of mind

Since opening our doors in 1979 and rapidly becoming South Africa’s largest waste management company, we have been first to market with many waste management solutions. Some are still recognised as best practice.

We remain pioneers today because the drive to look for better ways of doing things is deeply embedded in our culture. We were established by forward thinkers who had a social conscience - and those are the kinds of people we still employ. So, whatever industry our people worked in, they’d be pushing for continuous improvement.

In addition, through being the first – and for long periods – the only company to tackle some of the most intractable waste management issues in South Africa, we’ve come to understand that sustainable waste management is not a finite concept. 

It evolves with society’s needs, habits, and awareness of health and environmental prosperity.

As a result, we keep evolving. New lifestyles, new technologies, new waste (there were no smartphones to discard 38 years ago!), new volumes of waste (more people eating, wearing, and using more things than ever before) new legislation, and new waste management thinking all create fresh possibilities, and challenges, for achieving environmental peace of mind.

We make it our purpose to capture the possibilities and vanquish the challenges in order to deliver environmental peace of mind for our customers and, therefore, for everyone else. 

Our corporate values of integrity, innovation, quality, collaboration, and passion ensure that we achieve this.

Integrity – for its own sake and because lives and the planet are at stake.

Innovation – because there is always a better way.

Qualilty – because lives depend on it and society deserves it.

Collaboration – because there is no single answer to the problem of waste.

Passion – because a clean environment is such a basic human right. And, as innovators, we thrive on the cutting edge.

Using these principles, our mission is to deliver innovative waste solutions that are environmentally responsible, effective, and economically viable and, therefore, enhance customer sustainability.